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Depicting an expedition across the ancient uncharted waters of love and temptation, OCEANS OF TIME introduces jungle-like hip-hop with use of live West African percussion, 808 Kit, Fujara flute, Reggie Lewis vocal phrasing & LA-based rapper Matt Rosewood.
*Inspired By: "Troy" & Greek Mythology


(Lyrics by Josias Yglesias)

You got my mind spinning circles Like the moon around you,
But yet your atmosphere is Making it quite hard to break through.
Dizzy me up, Oh, oh, dizzy me up.
And I’m sick of all these fucking games You play with my head,
So then I took a deep one, ‘Cause I can’t surface and take breath.
I’m under, Heaven knows I’m under.

I’m sailing oceans of time,
At least it’s feeling like it.
To press that body to mine,
You know I gotta have it. Those waves are kissed by moonlight, Hard not to think about it.
Cause I’m sailing oceans of time, to get upon that body.

(Verse 2)
So your heart is locked up
In the dragons chamber for one, But I ain’t no prince, I ain’t no king, And its tail weighs a ton, you can't run.
Nah you can’t run.
The nymphs are trying to Sing out and pull me with a song, But there ain’t no temptation When I hear the tone of my love,
Rushing through, Oh, oh, rushing through.

(Chorus 2)
(Bridge) ­Rap­
(Chorus 3)


from ORIGIN, track released August 5, 2016
Matt Rosewood - Rap
Chinelo "Chi" Amen-Rain - West African Percussion



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SIAS Detroit, Michigan

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